Sometimes we are stuck thinking in a negative way, making us feel bad about ourselves, our life, other people and things that happen. Thinking negatively a lot can make this become automatic and we instantly think this way without even trying.

This is very unhelpful and can make us feel bad and upset more often. Doing this can take any situation/ event or emotion from being bad to being “the end of the world”. At the end of the day, we all sometimes think negatively, but it is important that we immediately identify these thoughts and do something about it before it takes over the way you think about and look at the world

Types of negative thoughts, what they mean and how to deal with them:

We think we know what others are thinking.

We put our own feelings onto another person

We believe that we know what will happen in the future causing stress/ anxiety

We forget our own strengths and think only other people are doing a good job

We believe that our emotions reflects reality

Think if there is evidence that of what you’re thinking.

Realise that these are your thoughts and not the other person’s

Be realistic

Think what the chances are that what you are thinking it will happen

Focus on your own strengths.

Know that every person is unique.

Know that your emotions are subjective. Your reaction will determine the outcome.